Once on the distillery grounds, one begins to understand just how unique the distillery and its surroundings are. Great efforts to restore the main distillery building, cistern room, aging warehouses and many other aspects of the grounds have the left the property totally transformed, with more exciting developments in the works. From underground, spring-fed lakes, to the Kentucky split-face limestone exterior, to our old turn-of-the-century belt and pulley fan systems running throughout the distillery and visitor center, it truly makes for a memorable trip.

Your safety is our top priority.

The safety of guests, staff and partners is priority. Kentucky Bourbon Distillers Ltd. dba Willett Distillery is a manufacturing facility that shall not be held responsible for any damages as a result of visiting the Kentucky Bourbon Distillers Ltd. property and participating in any of the tours, tastings or hospitality offerings onsite. Kentucky Bourbon Distillers Ltd. is not liable for accident, damage, mishap or injury. For the safety of guests and staff, it is required that all guests practice alert precaution and safety while on property. All minors must be accompanied and immediately supervised at all times by a responsible party. Any negligence on behalf of the supervising party is the sole responsibility of such party and will not result in any liability on behalf of KBD, Ltd. dba Willett Distillery, or it’s owners and/or it’s operating staff. Standard safety practices include but are not limited to the following. Guests may only enter authorized public spaces, should stay on the designated paths and remain within appropriate proximity to tour guides. Guests are not permitted to come within 10 feet of any ponds or lakes on property. Guests are not authorized to touch any equipment, supplies or materials unless explicitly directed by Willett staff. Guests that are unable to comply with standard safety protocols and staff instruction or are unable to persuade the minor/minors accompanying them to comply, may be asked to leave as the safety of guests, staff and partners is priority.