Derby Tips from Willett

The Kentucky Derby is just days away but race fans have already heard the call to the post. It’s time to start preparing for the most exciting two minutes in sports.

For the same cost of one sprig of mint in the produce section, one can purchase a starter plant. Mint is a powerful herb. It can overpower a good cocktail and it can takeover your garden. It’s a good idea to contain roots by burying a pot in your garden to host your plant.

When it comes to Derby hats, bigger is not necessarily better. The best way to detect a no-go-chapeau is with the sip test. As the name implies, this time proven evaluation method requires a glass of Kentucky Bourbon. After tipping your head back to receive the tasty amber liquid, observe the location of your hat. Departures may range in severity from unflattering to floor. Now imagine readjusting each time thirst strikes on race day.

First time Derby freshmen can demonstrate betting window confidence by practicing the appropriate sequence of instructions for placing a bet.

First, identify the track. The track from which you are placing the bet, is the assumed default. If you are betting outside of the track the race you wish to wager will be held, be sure to indicate the correct location. Next, identify the race by number, then provide the desired wager amount. Last, describe the bet type and configuration of horses by number. For example, “I’d like to bet the 3rd race. Please put $2 to place on the lucky number 4 horse” is a correct and concise wager. The most common betting errors include identifying the horse by the name rather than number and using the words bet and vote interchangeably. However, the only irreversible oversight is to leave a winning ticket in the betting window printer.

Play the odds. Betting money spent at the bar has higher odds of return. Additionally, drinking water throughout the day increases the odds of Sunday brunch attendance and enjoyment.

While the Julep is the honored drink of the Derby, there is more than one way to enjoy Kentucky Bourbon during Derby season. Serve a Whiskey Smash on race day and friends will thank you.

Derby Punch 8oz Old Bardstown Bourbon | 16oz Strong Black Tea | 4oz Simple Syrup | 5oz Lemon Juice | 30 Mint Leaves

Start by adding Mint Leaves and Bourbon together in a Punch Bowl, let that sit for 30 minutes to pull out some of the mint oils. While this is sitting, make your strong black tea by adding 7 bags of Luizanne or Lipton black tea to 20oz of boiling water and steep, removing the bags after the 5 minutes, let cool before adding to the bowl. Add your remaining ingredients and a large block of ice to the Bourbon and Mint, stir and serve on ice. Enjoy!

A perfectly packed purse can save time and provide comfort on a long day at the track. For security line efficiency, leave your make-up bag at home. Store touch-up items in a clear plastic bag. Bandaids of various sizes are especially important when sporting a new pair of shoes. Throw some flip flops in your bag or better yet, rock some thoroughly broke in cowboy boots. Be sure to leave plenty of room to cash in that trifecta ticket.