Britt Kulsveen, President & Chief Whiskey Officer, Personally Invites You to Join us at The Bar at Willett

I would like to personally invite you to join us for the idle hour and let us wrap your insides like a fur blanket with our familyís whiskey.

It brings us joy to welcome you to The Bar at Willett to share an inaugural meal and thoughtfully paired libations. We invite you to have a seat at our family table or belly up to the magnificent bar where our hand carved Willett bird sits perched to capture the ultimate birdís eye view.

Unplug your electronic devices, lose track of time, make memories and lasting connections, sip and laugh, have fun. Aging whiskey has taught us a thing or two about patience and the importance of time, the most valuable currency of all. It is the only thing that possesses a value truly beyond measure and is irreplaceable. My brother and I have spent our lifetime and had the time of our life preparing for this day. We are like two kids at Christmas about to open that Nintendo and legendary gold cartridge Zelda to share it with you.

Our family has itís own special brand of southern hospitality and charm, and The Bar at Willett is an extension of our family parlor, our porch. We believe in using our best silver from our Grandmother in Norway and our Motherís wedding china for every guest and any occasion. We believe a great story can never be told too many times because cocktails yield variable embellishments and different endings. We believe in timeless face-to-face interaction and the power of human connections. We believe in working hard until we have nothing left and rewarding that work by playing hard. Above all, we believe that work feels like play when you have the level of fiery passion that we do. I always say, I never go to work. I leave one home and head down the road to another. The Bar at Willett is an extension of our home, and employees are a welcome addition to our family. Last night, I pulled my favorite family photos off my walls and promptly hung them in the bar. Our amazing barkeeps serve up approachable classic cocktails and live to share intriguing cocktail histories in our timeless atmosphere. There are no barriers in our open kitchen and no boundaries in our family. Good vibes from our talented chefs spill into the dining room, and gratitude flows right back to the kitchen.

Time is valuable. It is important to make time for what is important. It is the only thing that we truly cannot get back; and knowing this, we appreciate any measure of time you make to spend with us.

Good company, cask strength whiskey and an inviting porch are all that is needed to turn a casual Thursday evening into a vacation. Itís your time, take it. As the great GNR says, yesterdays got nothiní for me. I have today, I live for today. You deserve every minute you are given, and we promise to make the most of your time.

Love Sincerely…
K.M. Britt Kulsveen
President and Chief Whiskey Officer
Willett Distillery